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Speed Booking

3-way Receptionist Booking + Clients Booking Online + Booking from Client History

Most salon software companies limit booking options to a few time-consuming methods. With SalonTarget, you have 5 “super speedy” ways of booking appointments depending on the situation the receptionist is in. SalonTarget even remembers the way each client books…so future bookings are faster and more accurate.

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Attract Clients

Improve Client Referrals + Get & Post Client Reviews + Done-for- You Email Campaigns

SalonTarget assists in 3 primary areas that represent the cornerstone in attracting new clients into your salon. A powerful client referral system will bolster your salon’s best method of attracting new clients...

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A Complete Solution for Every Salon & Spa

SalonTarget® is one system for your entire business, from management on your phone to rebooking at the chair. Built by veteran salon owners who understand the day-to-day business challenges of running successful salons. Get Started


Retain Clients

Schedule Client Messages + Assign Tags To Clients + Customize Your Marketing Based On Client Tags

Reminders, thank you's, birthdays, referrals, cancellations and or receipts, etc. These are just a few of our customizable emails. Tag client preferences to products based on type or stylist suggestions.

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5-Star Operations

Today’s Statistics For Sales Goals + Manage Employee Schedules, Bookings and Internal Alerts From One Screen + Automatically Receive Free Software Updates

Serious software for serious business owners. Your SalonTarget Company dashboard will quickly allow you to view todays auto-generated statistics for sales goals, manage schedules, inventory, client booking and internal alert messages for quick and effortless access to SalonTargets key features all in one area. SalonTarget offers you the best salon and spa software of today.

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appointments booked with SALON target management software. Start booking appointments!

Automated Marketing

Integrate Your Marketing With The Largest Social Media Channels + Collect Client Reviews & Choose Which To Publicly Post + Send Targeted Marketing Based On Your Clients Interests

Meet your social media personal assistant! SalonTarget integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Yelp to allow you to choose which positive reviews you share across social media platforms for all to see! If that wasn't enough our system also keeps track of who has opened your emails, texts, sent you referrals, manages your active client surveys and much more!

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Best Salon & Spa Software

Each salon is different from the next, but there’s one salon and spa software that’s perfect for any and every type of beauty venue. SalonTarget salon and spa software was designed by salon owners and industry professionals who know the needs and challenges of the market. The simple to use, cost-effective, salon management marketing and booking software enables salon owners to not only remain organized, but actually helps salons deliver quality services to their clients as well. Whether you’re operating a day spa or hair salon, SalonTarget software can help your business become more efficient.

The critically acclaimed, award-winning, software has a number of features that can be used in a variety of settings. SalonTarget allows users to manage appointment bookings, client portfolios, express cash-outs, time sheets for employees and easily allows users to efficiently handle client communications and reminders. Not only does the program allow you to manage employee and client profiles, but it also tracks service and retail sales, client retention and more. With this information, users can request weekly, monthly, or annual performance reports that allow you to evaluate your salon’s overall performance.

SalonTarget has crafted a unique set of features that go above and beyond those offered by any salon software program that’s currently on the market. These four characteristics will enable your salon to bypass its competitors:

  1. 5-Star Client Reviews – It’s been proven that SalonTarget is the only cloud-based tool on the market that is directly linked to increasing 5-star online customer reviews and ratings. The spa software’s information retention and follow-up features are the cherry on top to an otherwise stellar salon service. Clients remember the level or organization and personalization present at their appointments and write reviews online accordingly.
  2. Client Referral Igniter – Many salons rely on word of mouth to get new clients in the door. While client referrals can bring in loads of additional revenue to a business, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could speed up the process? Now you can, with SalonTarget’s Client Referral Igniter. The program is simple to use yet effective in bringing new customers through your door.
  3. First-Time Client Magnetizer – This add-on plugin can be adapted for use into your preexisting website and will expose your brand to new clients. Through pop-up windows and a unique algorithm that determines at what frequency to reveal your brand, your company will gain more online exposure and therefore bring in new clients and more revenue.
  4. Lost Client Resurrection – Nothing’s worse than losing a valuable client. Combat this by enacting SalonTarget’s client retention program. Our unique salon booking software noninvasively reaches out to inactive clients in a powerful way that drives them to return to your salon.

When used properly, these features can help bolster a 400% return on investment and leave you with some extremely satisfied customers. SalonTarget offers a free 7-day trial for those looking to test out the hair salon software’s many beneficial features. If you decide to purchase the software once your free trial has expired , your data is retained by the system and repurposed to your account. Start your free trial today!


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