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Salon Reporting

SalonTarget helps you to manage appointments, contact clients, and process payments. The multi-functional software is your go-to tool in running your business, but did you know it could also help you set and achieve future goals for your company?

The salon inventory management software allows you to run salon reports, so you can view your sales, be they product- or service-based. Login to SalonTarget’s user dashboard and take surveillance of the inner workings of your business. By taking the time to reflect on what you’re currently doing at your business, and whether or not these methods are translating into consumer action, you can improve the quality of service offered and expect an increase on money coming in to the store.

The dashboard provides a straightforward way to view the happenings of the salon. When logged in, you can view the calendar, see who’s on today’s schedule, and briefly look over recent sales. However, a salon report will allow you to dive much deeper into the productivity of your business. With SalonTarget you can view a weekly, monthly, or annual report that displays sales records. With this tool, you can view trends in purchases amongst clients as well as track growth over time. Harness this feature of the salon inventory software to create financial and staffing goals for your brand. Over time, you can see how your business is continuing to succeed, as well as its shortcoming, and set additional goals to address these issues.

What’s more, the salon inventory management system allows you to keep track of inventory at your salon. Enter the correct amounts of which items you have into SalonTarget’s product dashboard. This makes it quick and easy to keep track of exactly what you have in stock, and by running efficient salon reports, you can view which products are popular. Things that are not selling well will also become apparent, and you can make plans to remove them from your shelves so you can sell inventory that’s more well-received.

Wondering how your employees are faring? Run a performance report that shows facts and figures tied specifically to stylists. Here, you can view which stylists are the most requested, and who is doing the best job at convincing clients to purchases up-charges in the form of products and services tacked on to standard treatments.  Use this information to offer incentives to your employees; offer prizes or bonuses to the stylist who is able to sell the most bottles of a certain shampoo, or the nail artist who can successfully persuade clients about upgrading their regular manicures to shellac.

SalonTarget’s reports enable you to better understand the performance of your company. View numbers related to your employees, overall purchases, and inventory with a few simple strokes on the keyboard. You’re already putting in the hard work and long hours it takes to successfully run a salon, so we’ve made it easy for you to track your progress with our product dashboard and salon reports. Get started today with SalonTarget, and start achieving your business goals soon. With our free seven-day trial available to all prospective customers, you can enter salon information and run a report to see if you’d like to have those capabilities full time.