The 5 Things You Must Consider Before You Ever Buy Salon Software

Volume 1 | Issue 1

We would like to make you aware of some key components to look out for when buying salon software and how our all-in- one SalonTarget package crushes them all.

One of the greatest contributions this system has introduced to us is the convenience of tracking our monthly progress in retention, re-booking and even sales statistics, which in turn has tremendously increased growth. SalonTarget® Team and their program has been an irreplaceable asset to our salon.
Tease Hair Studio

The 5 Things You Must Consider Before You Ever Buy Salon Software

Why Should I Invest in Salon Software for My Business?

The question you may want to ask yourself if where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years?

Are you looking to grow your salon or just remain how you are today?

Are you looking to sell your salon at some point or are you keeping it forever?

Do you want to not have to worry about being the person who operates your salon day in and day out to make it run or would you like to have that be a realistic task that your salon managers can take care of without needing your assistance?

Getting SalonTarget® for my salon was one of the best things I could have done for my business. I’ve been with SalonTarget® since March and it has grown my business tremendously. As a salon owner and full time stylist behind the chair, I never had the time for my business. With having all the latest technology SalonTarget® has given me all the tools to help run my salon more professionally and efficiently. This software has taken the stress off me and has made me a better salon owner and my life so much easier.
Sacarrha Salon

What Type of Salon Management Software Should I Look for?

Regardless of whether you’re a booth-renter or a salon of a hundred people…your “salon” is still a business.  And you should be treating it that way!

Salon software needs to tell your particular story…what is working and what is not.

Simply put…why are clients leaving and why are new clients coming.

It should also give you “automatic” solutions to improve the situation regardless of what it is.

So, if you’re having a client retention problem…it should provide a solution.  If you are killing it with client referrals…it should have a way of improving it even more.

Great salon software (like SalonTarget) will implement these things automatically so you can focus on other parts of your salon and your life that you could not see as being possible before.

Also, remember that your clients today have a very different view of the world than they did even 3 years ago.  Clients are demanding the ability to book online easily, to leave or read client reviews, to easily communicate with the salon via email or text, etc.

These trends are super important to remember when considering salon software.

The support and training from SalonTarget® has been outstanding. They have been available “24X7 ” and always quick to respond to questions. We are very happy with our investment in SalonTarget® and highly recommend the software system to any salon owner who wishes to actively grow and enhance their business!
Spectra Salon & Spa

Where’s My Training and Support?

With little or no training…most people utilize less than 20% of what their software can actually do for them.

If you’re going to get the most out of your salon software…you need to be trained and you need to have access to support staff during at least the first 2-3 months.

And this means a “live” person on the phone and not a chat box or you creating a “support” ticket.

The number one reason salons switch software systems is lack of quality support.

I am writing to tell you how excited we are here at Spectra Salon & Spa with the new SalonTarget® cloud based management software system. We have used Hairmax for many years and found moving from Hairmax to SalonTarget® to be an easy transition. The dashboard driven system is intuitive, easy to use and at a glance can connect us to clients, services, gift cards, employees, payroll, inventory and reports.

SalonTarget® allows us to launch email marketing opportunities, online booking (genuinely loved by customers actively using this feature), automatic confirmations and easy re-booking from client history.
Spectra Salon & Spa

Does It Matter What Computer I Use for My Software?

Always buy the software first…and then worry about the hardware.

In today’s world, hardware is pretty irrelevant.  In fact, if the software is “dependent” on a certain type of hardware…then it’s too old for you to consider.

For any business owner, it is important to only look for software that is cloud-based. Cloud-based means that your software is stored on private, secure online servers that you can access from anywhere as long as an Internet connection is available.

You can log into your salon software program from your mobile device, iPad, tablet, Mac or PC accompanied with strict built-in security protection that insures you that your data is safe and secure.

Cloud-based software has many advantages over traditional software not the least of which is never worrying about a system crash or losing data.

However, not all “cloud-based” software is created equal.  Some software companies offer stripped-down versions of their existing “desktop” software and then call it “cloud-based”.  Other companies offer glorified online appointment books and mask them as total salon management systems.

The key is finding a solution that offers speed, access and protection… while being robust enough to provide great reporting, marketing and tracking.

The seamless integration with SalonTarget® was hands down OUTSTANDING!! I have TRIED to work with other well-known brands and everything was too complicated, and extremely overwhelming.

To be more efficient, and offer an even better client experience has always been our number one goal!

Thank you SalonTarget® for creating a superior product and exceeding all of our expectations! SalonTarget® has already begun to change our industry!!
Michael Thomas Salon

How Much Should I Spend?

Remember, you get what you pay for.

With “cloud-based” salon software, monthly fees can range from $29/month to $299/month depending on the quality and complexity of the solution.

The rule of thumb is “be wary of solutions that are priced too cheaply”.

Often times these packages are simply glorified online appointment books with some email marketing and basic reporting thrown into the mix.  They are primary designed for booth-renters who have very small perceived needs.  In other words, they have their clients already…their clients can book online if they want… confirmations will be sent out…what else is there to do really?

On behalf of the customers and staff of Compulsive Salon, we would just like to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the SalonTarget® system. Our salon has improved tremendously from SalonTarget’s automatic product sales monitor that lets us know when our supplies are low, and much more.

I cannot get over how efficiently this software runs & the significant decline of no-shows we have from the automated text or email reminders our customers now receive. We love all the recent upgrades to the system and couldn’t be happier with the technical support you provide as well.
Looking forward to a lifetime business relationship, as you truly have been a company of its word!
Compulsive Salon President

SalonTarget is a complete marketing/management system for a salon of 5-150 people.  As salons grow in size (people) the complexities of what is needed also grows.  Everything from unique booking times for staff to unique booking times for clientele.  The dependency of “running the operation” smoothly also increases.  It’s no different than a person who only has to worry about themselves versus worrying about a family of 10.

The question surrounding “Why is some software $299 versus $29?” also doesn’t really hold any water in the real world.  Why would someone buy a Mercedes or Lexus versus a Yugo when all 3 cars get you from point A to point B?  Or why does your salon charge more for a haircut than Great Clips (at $10) or Supercuts (at $14.99)?  All three refer to the service as a Haircut…but I’m sure you know that the service is VERY different.

Salon Software is like the “brain of your salon”.  Every salon has a story and a great salon software package will tell that story very clearly.

Thinking of it another way…if you needed brain surgery and you were selecting a “brain surgeon”…would you let “price” be the determining factor?  I would guess “no”.  Then why would you use price when it comes to the “brains” of your salon operation…