Medical Spa Software

Medical Spa Software

Medical Spa Software

Med Spa Scheduling & Management Online

Your medical spa offers a unique blend of services and products, because you want to ensure there is something there that appeals to each and every customer. You have the pampering services your clientele crave, as well as ways to repair skin that’s been damaged. Despite all the things you’re currently offering your clients, you have yet to use the best medical spa management software around. SalonTarget offers practical solutions for the busy medical spa owner, because you can’t be expected to run your salon effectively without a little bit of help.

Using medical spa appointment software is the most efficient way to handle client bookings. With SalonTarget, your customers can book their appointments themselves online. This simplifies the job of your team within the salon that was handling appointments previously, and gives clients the autonomy they crave over their schedule. You can access your dashboard from any mobile or desktop device to see which spots on the calendar have been booked, so you can plan accordingly when it comes to scheduling staff and making space for walk-ins.

What’s more, with SalonTarget you can better open the direct line of communication to your customers by utilizing automated text and email functions. Create the message that you want to be sent to your clients, select the specific person or group of people you’re targeting and then send the message containing a reminder, promotion or information about upcoming events at your medical spa. This not only increases client awareness about your offerings and upcoming promotions, but also allows you to better market your spa in a way you weren’t previously able to.

As far as managing daily happenings at your business, SalonTarget’s advanced medical spa software can help there too. Access and manage how your stylists are scheduled and paid, and customize these items when needed. You can also create a list of your inventory and be alerted when products are low through SalonTarget. Additionally, the software system makes handling transactions a quick and painless process for both you and customers. That means you can spend less time behind the computer, and more time actually communicating face to face with your clients.

Run reports using the software system and see the areas in which your medical spa is thriving, and where it’s lacking. This is an effective way to track your medical spa’s progress and view what services, products and staff are performing best at your business.

When it comes to making decisions about your medical spa, you’re in control. And when you want things to run a bit more smoothly, you use SalonTarget. Get started with your seven-day free trial today and see why other spa professionals choose to use the amazing software technology.