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Speed Booking

3-way Receptionist Booking  +  Clients Booking Online

Most salon software companies limit booking options to a few time-consuming methods. With SalonTarget, you have 5 “super speedy” ways of booking appointments depending on the situation the receptionist is in. SalonTarget even remembers the way each client books…so future bookings are faster and more accurate.

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3-way Receptionist Booking

online salon scheduling

Clients Booking Online

Command Center Check-in/out

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Intuitive Appointment Booking

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Express CashOut

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Client Portfolio

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E-Z Time Clock

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Reloadable Gift Cards

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Automatic Multi-Cash Drawer Balancer

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Rapid Sales Totals

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EZ Fix Transaction Tracker

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Insightful Performance Reports

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Customizable Payroll

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Client Reviews Manager

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Automatic Email/Text Marketing

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Direct Management Dashboard

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Simple Ordering of Retail/Backbar products

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Staff Messaging and Broadcasting

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Salon Booking Software

Although walk-ins might be welcome, most clients book an appointment before entering a salon. With SalonTarget’s salon booking software, booking appointments and storing client profiles in your system is quick, efficient and hassle-free.

As a SalonTarget online salon booking user, your receptionist has several ways to book appointments for clients. The salon booking system is easy to manage; simply access the online appointment book and the standard appointment booking process will be initiated. Receptionists can choose from various available time slots, stylists and services and book the appointment then and there.

Client profiles can be found by searching the database for either a first name, last name or various contact information, such as a phone number or email address. Receptionists can also view the salon’s weekly schedule to better assess availability for stylists before proceeding to book appointments.

Once a service has been completed in the salon, a receptionist has the ability to initiate a rebooking. When a client comes to the front desk to pay for their service, SalonTarget software will prompt the receptionist to ask when they’d like to book their next appointment. Receptionists are then prompted by the software to select a certain number of weeks into the future to book an appointment, or they can choose not to book another appointment at that time. This process enables a higher rate of client retention and encourages clients to schedule a return visit on the spot.

With SalonTarget’s salon scheduling software, clients are able to book via phone or online, and can confirm an appointment via text or email. All of these processes save time and resources, both on your end and for clients.

The salon booking system’s user interface is simplistic and convenient for clients. When a patron wants to book a service at your salon, they simply need to create an online client account. This consists of creating a username and password that is then verified via email. Clients can login to the booking site with their username and make a reservation at their chosen salon. Available providers and dates will appear on the screen, prompting users to select the time and stylist that works for their schedule. Users can add notes to their booking regarding their preferences to save time in the salon.

Not only are there are a plethora of ways for your employees and clients to make reservations, but all booking options are quick and simple. SalonTarget truly offers the best salon booking software, because the program even goes so far as to remember the way each client books. That way, future bookings are quick and personalized, meaning you save time, resources and have happy customers arriving at your door.

What’s more, by using SalonTarget’s booking software, all of your client profiles and booking data is stored in one convenient place. Run a weekly, monthly, or annual performance review to see how your business is faring in terms of client retention and scheduled bookings. SalonTarget aids in the organizational side of your business, so you can get back to focusing on services provided to clients.

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