Massage Therapist Software

Massage Therapist Software

Massage Therapist Software

Seamless Appointment Booking for Massage Therapists

You work hard to create a relaxing atmosphere inside your massage parlor. After all, you know that customers come to your business to unwind and feel at peace. This atmosphere can be enhanced outside the massage room too, though, and it doesn’t involve purchasing any more incense or essential oils. Massage therapist management software will help you become better able to cater to your clients’ needs, and run your business more effectively from a professional standpoint, too.

Massage therapist software eases the stream of communication between you and your clients. With online booking options, your target demographic can reach out to your company and book when and where they need to. This eliminates some of the booking work off your plate, and enables customers to feel in control of their own schedule. When you want to check in on your massage therapist appointment software calendar by accessing the dashboard, log in from any mobile or desktop advice and prepare yourself and your stylists for the day by checking in on what’s been booked.

Once clients have made their appointments with the massage therapist online booking system, SalonTarget has functionalities that allow you to send follow up text or email reminders to them to confirm their appointment. Additionally, you can set up automatic follow up emails to thank them for their visit, and then touch base with them after a few weeks to see when they’ll be returning for their next appointment. This keeps your salon at the forefront of your customers’ minds, which means more business in your massage parlor.

SalonTarget allows make it easier for you to manage your massage parlor as a whole. Regulate inventory and know when to reserve more stock, schedule your masseuses and manage their payroll and time cards and use the software’s easy transaction features to make payments quick and painless.

The massage therapist software also allows you to view customizable reports that will help you track growth and progress at your place of business. Do you want to see today’s sales? This week’s sales? How sales compare from this year to last’s? You can do that, and select what masseuses, services and products were requested most frequently. Identify trends in your business and figure out ways to grow your massage parlor from these numbers.

Using SalonTarget at your massage parlor is a surefire way to bring more business in the door, while simultaneously cutting down on the daily tasks that need your undivided attention. By streamlining your tasks into one easy to use dashboard, you make your life simpler and better your clients’ time at your massage parlor. To get started using SalonTarget today, begin by utilizing our free seven-day trial.