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barber shop software

Barber Shop Software

Booking & Management Software for Barber Shops

Barber shops in America have developed a reputation amongst those who frequent them. Not only do the people who work there provide their customers with quality services, but they engage in friendly discussion and are known for making their shop feel less like a salon, and more like a local hang out. Do you own or manage a barber shop? If you’re working to create a pleasant environment that makes customers want to return time and time again, why not try using SalonTarget’s barber shop software? The easy to use barber shop management software allows you to easily communicate with your customers, manage the day to day happenings of your barber shop and improve your processes over time.

The first benefit to using software designed for salon professionals is to utilize its many communication features that appeal to clients. There are multiple speedy ways to book, on both the receptionist’s side and on the client end. Your clients will love being able to make appointments online, without the hassle of speaking to someone on the phone or waiting for standard business hours to call in. As a barber shop owner, you can easily check the shop’s calendar to see when customers are due to come in, and identify gaps in the calendar that would accommodate walk-ins. Additionally, SalonTarget’s system lets you create custom text and email reminders to send to current and prospective clients. Reach a larger pool of customers by sending custom tailored messages to your target demographic.

You’d love to spend your entire day connecting with customers in person, but more often than not, you end up handling the items that need to be taken care of at the barber shop. You’ve already enacted barber shop online booking and have eliminated one task from your plate, but there are other things that need your attention, too. SalonTarget allows you to schedule your staff, manage inventory and regulate your appointment calendar easily. The simplicity of the dashboard and its multifunctional use means you’ll be able to cut down on time spent behind your desk, and can increase your customer interaction.

Barber shop appointment software allows you to do more than communicate with customers and manage your daily operations – it also enables you to reach your goals more effectively. With SalonTarget’s customizable reports, you can check to see what products and services your salon is selling over time, and which staff member is selling them most often. With this information in hand, you can view trends and reallocate your resources toward hitting your goals.

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business, and you want your customers to feel the full effect of your efforts. Send tailored client communications, operate your shop more efficiently and quicken the rate at which your business is able to grow by using SalonTarget. For more information about the product and to see if it’s right for your business’ needs, start your seven-day free trial of SalonTarget today.


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