Awarded Capterra’s Most Popular Salon Software | Why SalonTarget Is SO Different Than Any Other Salon Software System

As a salon owner, when you think about salon software, you think about wanting the best business platform that can single handily manage your salon.

There are many salon software’s on the market today that claim being the best in “this” are and “that” but when you look a bit closer you find that all these salon software companies are using various catchy marketing words and an assortment of different pictures to capture your attention through their ads and websites, rather than actually listing compelling services they can offer you that truly do set them apart from the rest.

With all these basic salon management software’s, you are left with no true differentiation in the software itself to choose from, so by default, you then start comparing cost, functionality and user experience. Choosing your business platform based on the best of one or two of these factors can leave you feeling a bit of uneasiness and anxiety going into your first month of use, while you go back and forth in your head contemplating if you’ve really chosen the best salon software to manage your business.

SalonTarget, a proud award winner of Capterra’s 2017 Most Popular Salon Software Award offers salon owners of all salon sizes, top of the line pricing plans and smooth system functionality, providing you with an effortless and enjoyable client-salon owner user experience throughout. We consider this functionality as something you should always receive right off the bat. Furthermore, the success and growth of your business is something that we have designed our software to maximize.  SalonTarget is built around ways we can help your business management structure excel and flow fluidly in the best way possible, that is why our software includes features that go above and beyond your competitors.


So, You Ask “What Are The Services SalonTarget Can Offer My Salon That Other Software’s Cannot?”

SalonTarget is the only cloud based total management salon software that can directly increase your 5-star online customer reviews and ratings.

You will see a drastic rise in your client referrals through our built-in profit system that has capitalized on rewarding your existing clients for their efforts.

Customer experience makes or breaks profits, our “new client entry’ forms cater to customer experience, giving you the ability to send promotions that match specific client categories (hair type, past services, etc.) making your clients feel listened to and personally pampered.

SalonTarget will increase your retention rates by providing you with a retention system for those busy clients you haven’t heard from in a while, letting them know you are here for them in a very client-friendly and efficient way.

Allow me to describe these services to you a bit more in depth.


Reviews Accelerator:

Online reviews are how business are judged today!

72% of customers will take positive action towards a business after reading positive reviews, not only that but they are also willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews!Bright Local

We have incorporated a tool in our cloud-based salon software called the online reviews accelerator.  This unique tool will automatically generate positive reviews for your salon after a service by systematically contacting both first-time and regular clients just enough through email to get them to love you online.


What’s better than a referral?

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. – Nielsen

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know – Nielsen

As you know, referrals from existing clients are a great strategy to get new clients into your salon. SalonTarget puts a positive twist on client referrals by setting you up with client specific referral codes that your clients are given. When your existing client’s referral code is cashed in at the referred client’s check-out, your existing client will get a message giving them credits that they can use towards their next service with you. We have created a referral system that lets your clients learn that it pays to refer through reward! Tell me that’s not positive reinforcement at its finest!


First-Time Client Magnetizer

Customer experience is everything!

73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant. – Digital Trends  

80% of consumers like when retailer’s emails contain recommended products based on previous purchases -Listrak

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs

70% of website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert on your website – Invesp

Online ad re-targeting is a very powerful tool for client booking conversions.

SalonTarget gives you the ability to install a pop-up window on your website that acts as a retargeting agent to anyone who has visited your salon website. Thereafter, every so often your website visitor will casually see an ad for your salon while they are searching the web, which in turn increases your online popularity and presence to them, convincing them they should book with you.

For all new client’s, SalonTarget has an interactive customizable online welcome form, typically given to clients on an iPad and filled out upon arrival, automatically creating a personalized client account for them.

This form offers such client customization that it gives you the ability to even send out client promotions based on a certain hair type, hair texture, past service booked, total amount spent, etc. This client friendly marketing tool not only helps you to get to know your clients better but most definitely makes your clients feel listened to and personally pampered when you know just what they are looking for! Clients can conveniently update their personal profiles at any time by simply logging into them online.

Lost Client Resurrection

Now you’ll always have those clients living the faster than light lifestyle and just need to be pleasantly reminded of your services.

The Probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. Marketing Metrics

“It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs


With SalonTarget’s Lost Client Resurrection tool you can set up a schedule of crafted emails with promotions that let your clients know they are missed. These reminders make it effortless for your client to rebook by a simple click of a “book now.”


Wondering About SalonTarget’s System Requirements and The Support You Will Receive?

SalonTarget offers 5-star customers support and simple system requirements!

In the last year, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person – American Express Survey

All SalonTarget salons will receive complimentary one on one training from us. In addition, we offer complimentary around the clock customer service technical support, guaranteeing you to get a real-life customer service technician always happy to help.

SalonTarget requires an internet connection as it is an internet based total management salon software that you can log into from your mobile device, iPad, tablet, Mac or PC accompanied with strict built-in security protection. SalonTarget simply requires the Google Chrome browser to operate, which is a quick and free download if you do not already have it.

As a leading class salon software, and a winner of Capterra’s 2017 Most Popular Salon Software Award, there’s a reason why so many salons use our system! SalonTarget will continue to always provide you with the latest software updates and notify you whenever one is made. SalonTarget ensures the quality of your service is top notch.

By staying up to date with the latest business and marketing trends in software development, SalonTarget provides your business with a solid foundation built around best practices, resulting in giving your salon the best opportunity for growth!

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