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Nail Salon Software

Nail Salon Software to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Nail salons are where people go to get their hands and feet pampered, but they’re also a meeting ground for friends trying to catch up, mothers and daughters looking to bond and bridal parties who want to be spoiled on their big day. No matter who comes into your nail salon, you want them to leave looking and feeling like royalty. While part of this goal is accomplished through the services you offer, it also has to do with the experience your customers experience before entering the salon. With a easy to use nail salon software, such as SalonTarget, you can rest assured knowing your clients are receiving the best care possible, and will keep coming back for future appointments.

The first step in creating an attention-grabbing experience is offering efficient nail salon online booking options. Your clients want to be able to book an appointment when they want to, regardless of hours or location. By having reliable booking options available, you can simply check your calendar via the SalonTarget dashboard and staff accordingly. And with the nail salon appointment software’s automatic reminder features, you can choose premade messages or create custom ones to be sent to your clients that will remind them to come in for their scheduled services. This cuts down on the number of no shows at your nail salon, which is sure to make you and your stylists happy.

If you’ve fallen victim to customers trying out your salon once or twice and never returning, there’s a nail salon management software that can help. SalonTarget’s Lost Client Resurrection service will help you win back business you may have lost otherwise. With gentle email reminders that can be customized to send at various intervals and include enticing promotions, you’ll have more foot traffic returning through your doors in no time.

When it comes to handling transactions, you want customers in and out as quickly as possible so you can get new clients in your salon chairs. With it’s automatic cash drawer balancing abilities, you won’t have to worry about adding up any spare change or making good on past payments. All your transactions will be stored safely within the software management program, so all you need to do is select the correct customer and service, and SalonTarget will do the rest. You can also easily store credit card or payment information so that repeat clients can simply agree to use their stored information and be on their way.

You know the growing pains that come with running a nail salon, but don’t have to deal with them any longer. SalonTarget offers efficient options for salon professionals such as yourself so you can become better able to attract and retain clients, manage your booking calendar and handle transactions. For a peek inside what makes SalonTarget so effective, get started with our free seven-day trial today.