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Hair Salon Software

Take Advantage of Hair Salon Management Software

You know your hair salon better than anyone. You’re used to handling client inquiries, scheduling stylists and keeping your inventory stocked. But did you know that there was a hair salon software system out there that could help you complete these tasks more efficiently? SalonTarget was designed by salon professionals such as yourself, for salon professionals, to offer customers and business owners the best hair salon management software on the market.

SalonTarget’s unique system allows you to better mange the daily happenings of your salon. Schedule stylists and view the appointment calendar to see what’s on today’s agenda. With this tool you can also easily identify gaps in the calendar in which you can place walk-ins if the need arises.

Communication with your clients becomes simple and more effective when using the hair salon appointment software. Not only can clients book appointments online, when and where they want to, but you can send automatic email and text reminders about their selected appointments. Hair salon online booking is easy to navigate and allows customers to feel like they have control of their own schedule.

Email marketing with SalonTarget will help you promote your brand and products, and reach out to customers who may have otherwise been lost to your salon. Utilize the premade email templates to attract new and retain current clients. Whether you’ve used email marketing tools in the past, or are a newcomer to using this outreach technique, SalonTarget’s dashboard makes it simple to identify which customers to target and to customize your messaging accordingly.

What’s more, the unique hair salon management system allows you to easily access your stylists’ schedules and payroll options. Set customized payroll rates, access time cards and schedule your staff from the comfort of your office computer. You can also see what services are most popular, and view trends over time. Use the software to keep track of inventory as well, and keep note of what products are flying off the shelves more quickly than others.

Lastly, but certainly not least, SalonTarget creates custom reports for you that will enable your salon to grow more effectively over time. View sales reports for the day, week, month or over a longer period of time and use this detailed information to track your goals.

SalonTarget is the salon software management system that’s preferred by salon owners and clients alike. The software allows you to develop a stronger relationship with your customers, better manage the inner workings of your salon and stay organized throughout the year as your information is all safely stowed in one place. If you’re looking to improve your hair salon, get started with SalonTarget’s free seven-day trial today.