Online Salon Booking




Let's first start with the imperative on online salon booking.

Many salons are probably aware, but 35 % of customers prefer to book outside of normal business hours and 25 % of Millennials will only book online.

So, not having this offering can be costing you big time.

One big objection that we've heard from our SalonTarget salons has been that clients can make mistakes.

That they are not "aware" of booking times especially when their service strays outside of the standard times allotted for the service.

Of course, this is NOT true because SalonTarget is smart enough to know what times go with what client. See for yourself what our online salon booking system can do.

Another common objection is that no shows will increase with online salon booking.

Again, this is false.  We have seen no evidence of a spike in no shows when salons start allowing online salon booking for their clients. It just doesn't happen.

And the final objection has always been the salon would feel more comfortable "holding" the appointment with a credit card   especially for higher priced services.

And until now...this was not available with SalonTarget.

Now it is...

In fact, with SalonTarget you can now specify which services are required to have a credit card on file for online salon booking.

You can also exempt certain long time clients from the credit card requirement entirely if you wanted.

SalonTarget also stores a special key for the client so that they don't have to keep entering their credit cards each and every time they want to book an appointment.

All of this is totally secure, works flawlessly and it's super fast.

But there's more...

Over the last few months, we improved the entire look and feel of online salon booking software.

Essentially, we gave clients their own "portal" where they could upload photos of previous service visits, etc.

We also made it much easier for clients to book more than one service at a time.

And coming very will have the opportunity to launch your very own App from Apple's Itunes or Google's Android stores.

All very cool and exciting stuff.

So, if you haven't started using Online Booking for your salon or spa yet...what on earth are you waiting for?

Now, to implement the new credit card authorization feature in Online Booking you will need to start processing credit cards through your SalonTarget system.

Also giving you the added benefits of...

 1. Cashing out a client is much faster

2. You eliminate any possibility of your  receptionist making an error when taking  payments.

3. Cash Drawer Balancing is much easier.

​​​​​ 4. The system uses the Internet, eliminating the  need for a telephone line to plug the credit card  machine in.

5. Credit card receipts are automatically emailed  to the client so it's less paper wasted every day.

 Those benefits are what your salon would  experience instantly if you switched over to OUR SalonTarget credit card company.
Most salon owners choose their credit card company based on two things...

1) They choose their own bank ... because they think that the money will get into their account faster (which is not really true).

2) They choose a company with a super low rate...not realizing that the rate given... is usually a teaser rate that is designed to bait them in.

The truth is...

Most credit card processors - charge essentially the same rate...and that's because the lion's share of the rate is actually controlled by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Credit card processors (like your Bank) are already "locked into" a baseline rate with the big credit card companies. And so is everyone else...for that matter. So, credit card rates have really become a commodity.

That's why your salon probably gets calls EVERY week from credit card companies (promising you) that they can "save you money" on your rates. But you know...that's rarely true!

What SalonTarget can offer you is a full circle 3-part deal.

1. I have negotiated a deal with our credit card company Bluefin, whereby they will match or beat ANY credit card rate that your salon currently has. Based on my 3-year experience with most cases...they can actually save you a bit of money every month.

2. They will provide all the FREE equipment necessary for your salon to switch over to the new integrated platform. Normally this would be an out-of-pocket cost of between $199 and $600.

3. You will receive a FREE $50 Visa Gift Card after your first month.

This fantastic deal has all the benefits with none of the risks!

You get to start using the credit card processing feature that is built right into SalonTarget allowing your salon to do everything a bit faster with less errors, while seamlessly integrating with our SalonTarget Online Booking feature.

You save some money (every month) on your credit card processing.

You get a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Please be aware, this offer is only good for the next 3-weeks or until complimentary supplies run out (as we only have a number of free credit card machines and gift cards).

After this 3-week promotion has ended, please be aware that Visa gift cards and Bluefin credit card equipment will no longer be given away complimentary but will resume being sold at regular prices.

So don't hesitate!  Call us today at 1-800-424-7629 - while supplies last- we would be happy to talk more with you about the benefits of using Bluefin and setting you up with your free gifts!