Salon POS System

salon pos software

It might seem like the act of a customer paying for their services should be viewed in a separate light than the actual treatments they receive, but it’s still part of the overall salon experience. When a customer steps up to the reception area, and are ready to pay for their visit, the transaction should be quick, simple, and allow them to walk away feeling positively about the entire process. If you’ve had hang-ups in the past with handling customer payment information, using a reliable POS system for salon and spa businesses can greatly improve your approach. This eases the job of the receptionist, and makes for a happier customer.

SalonTarget’s salon POS system is a straightforward tool that enables professionals to manage their salons with ease. Designed by salon professionals with salon professionals in mind, the salon POS software offers many features that can be tailored to suit your business’ needs.

Transactions are streamlined when issues through a salon POS system. Salon owners can create client profiles that include a customer’s preferred stylist and services, and also store credit card information. With a patron’s favorite products, services, and payment data all in one place, the salon employee can easily inquire about repeat visits or process payments.

What’s more, with a POS system for salon usage, you can promote your business, attract new clients and retain current customers by offering discounts and promotions. Customizing your software usage to fit your needs, and satisfy your customers’ is a surefire way to have happy clients returning to your doors.

Inventory and product sales become easier to manage, too. Track what items you have available, view trends in sales throughout the month, quarter, or year, and see what’s popular among visitors. SalonTarget produces custom sales reports for salon professionals that will enable you to track your business’ progress, achieve goals, and become more knowledgeable about the wants and needs of your target audience.

Online booking and scheduling features allow both your customers and your staff to create and manage appointments with ease. Patrons can schedule services either via the phone or online, change them as needed, and receive automated appointment reminders via text or email.

By making transactions run more smoothly, offering promotions, monitoring sales, and even providing easy booking options, using your salon POS will help you achieve your business goals in no time. SalonTarget offers a free seven-day trial for those who have yet to try the service, and those who are already using the program can begin using the point of sale to streamline their processes.