Client Referral Ignitor



With all the different salon marketing options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

As, you know one of the best ways to grow your salon business is to implement a solid referral strategy by getting your clients to recommend you and your services to someone else they know.

Your clients are literally a walking, talking advertisement for your salon. Getting your clients to recommend you is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Simply put client referrals are the meat of your business and one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. With 80% of salon owners saying most of their clients come from referrals, there’s no arguing with that. Not to mention, referrals are one of the cheapest ways to get new clients into your business fast.

Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, simply asking for a referral after a service is one of the most uncomfortable and frightening things to do, but the most important.  

To find out just how important... ask yourself, "how often do my clients return?"  Is it six times a year? Eight? If your typical client has an average spend of $50 per visit, then you will earn $300-$400 each year from that client. That’s the value of your client.…but what if your client could return two or three times that amount just by talking positively about your salon to their friends?

SalonTarget’s Referral Ignitor makes getting referrals a piece of cake and certainly takes away that uncomfortable pressure of when and who you should ask for a referral.

With SalonTarget your clients are automatically sent a referral request shortly after a client’s positive service with you.

Look...clients are not always going to respond right away to your referral requests, however chances are if you have customers who are continually satisfied with your services, then they are eventually going to "pay it forward" through your friendly reminders.

The key to any client referral program is to make sure to ask enough without being a pest.  We make sure that happens for you automatically.

Personalized referral messages are attached with your clients very own referral code and accompied with an enticing promotional discount offer.

SalonTarget's Referral Ignitor will send out client referral messages for you, similar to the one below every 6 months.


 Your balayage color  looked absolutely amazing after your appointment with us! Thanks for being such an amazing client! Speaking of how great your balayage color looked and how much you love it, how would you like 20% off  your next service by simply spreading the good word about our salon?

It’s easy! By referring our salon to a couple of your friends or sharing your personal referral link (below) on your social media, anyone who uses your promo code at check-out will automatically add spending points into your salon account! Your spending points are treated like cash and you may use them at your next service or whenever you choose!

If you would like to participate,  here's your personal referral code:xxxxxx. 

To get your 20% off post this message on your social media page (with a picture of your new bayalage color)

"I just had a great balayage color done at Mane Street Salon.  I truly recommend them!
If you would like to schedule a service with them take advantage of using my promo code for20% off your first service.  Promo code: xxxxxx !"


SalonTarget makes it fun to share referral codes with friends! How can you lose when you have your clients motivated to reap in the benefits of your referral program?!

In addition, SalonTarget’s Referral Ignitor tool gives you the ability to track the referrals coming in so that you can see who your true "salon evangelists" are.  Clients who consistently bring in more referrals can be rewarded accordingly!

I think it’s safe to say that SalonTarget has your client networking covered!

So, how much in cash will you actually gain from SalonTarget’s Referral Ignitor?

When it comes down to it, each of your clients are potentially worth two to three times their current value, when they bring in new clients.

Allow me to explain what this could look like for you! Let’s say that your salon has 2000 customers, they each typically spend $50 a visit and they come in about 6 times a year.

$50 spent x 6 visits x 2000 clients= $600,000.

So, let’s be modest here and say a low number of your current clients will be referring anyone to you...let’s just say 10% of them will. Let's say out of those 10% they on average refer 1.5 clients, and those new clients on average come to your salon about 6 times a year too and spend the average $50.

The results from this referral system would give you (200 existing clients x 1.5 referred clients) which is 300 new customers a year (300 new client’s x 6 visits a year x $50 = $90,000 in net revenue). This means you would have a 15% increase in your overall client base and a 15% increase in your yearly revenue, and the best part is this could be your salon right now!

When  was the last time that your salon grew by 15% year over year?  And that is just one part of the SalonTarget system!

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Salon Referral Software

Salons stay in business by getting clients in the door. But after you’ve had a client come in once, you need them to return again and again. What’s more, in an ideal situation, you’d have your repeat client referring their friends and family to come in as well.

SalonTarget’s salon referral software makes it easy to encourage current clients to refer their friends and family to your salon. Many salon owners and managers agree that most new clients come in from referrals, and by seeking out referrals, you can grow your current business operation rapidly.

Securing client referrals is a crucial component to your marketing strategy, and with the SalonTarget salon referral program, you can easily entice clients into referring people they know.

The secret is in the software’s Referral Ignitor system. After a client leaves the salon and are satisfied with their services and product purchases, they’ll be automatically sent a referral request to fill out. Our salon referral tools making gathering this information personal and simple, all with little effort on your part. Simply select the referral message that you would like sent out to clients, and indicate how many weeks out you’d like this follow-up referral request sent.

The client will then receive a message that provides them with a unique code to share with their loved ones. If a new client signs up using the specified referral code, or by sharing the code on social media, then the original client who sent the link will receive a promotional discount during their next visit. The discount incentivizes the referral program, so the sender feels encouraged to forward the message to their friends and family.

On the salon owner or manager’s end, you have the added benefit of being able to track the distributed referral codes. This means you can see who your top sharers are, and who is getting customers to come into your salon. If you so choose, you can give top referrers additional points or discounts to use during their upcoming services.

Ready to maximize your salon’s potential? Bring in new clients and more revenue by utilizing the salon referral app. The software makes it simple to encourage your current clients to refer the people in their lives. That way, you get new clients, and your current clients receive discounts on salon services. It’s a win-win when you use SalonTarget.