5 Ways to Improve Client Retention

As a salon owner or manager, you realize there are an abundance of ways to get new clients in the door. You can offer discounted rates, increase your advertising efforts or tie in perks like free mimosas and mini-massages. But what does it take to get a client to keep coming back to your salon?

5 Ways to Improve Client Retention

Client retention for salons is a different obstacle, but by providing excellent services during their initial visit, and utilizing the tools available through SalonTarget, you’ll have satisfied repeat customers coming in before you know it.

1. Client Loyalty Programs

When researching how to retain salon clients, you’ll find that client loyalty programs are straightforward and successful. For every dollar spent on a service or product within the salon, the customer is given a certain number of points. The points can then be redeemed for a reward, which is often reduced rates on services or products in the salon. With SalonTarget, you can develop custom loyalty programs that will entice your customers into coming back to use their bonuses.

 2. Pre-Book Clients

pre-book appointments After a salon service has been completed and a client has paid for the service, the SalonTarget system will prompt the receptionist on duty to recommend a new booking. The receptionist will ask the client if they’d like to schedule another appointment for a number of weeks out. Additionally, with automated email and text reminders available through the software, you can follow up with clients effortlessly over a set period of time to remind them to book another appointment.

3. Automated Appointment Reminders

It’s easy for clients to show up to repeat appointments when they’re reminded of them. Using salon booking software, you can automatically program the system to send appointment reminders via text or email to a client. SalonTarget’s default setting is to remind customers two days in advance, and send a follow-up reminder on the day of the appointment. However, the frequency of the reminders can be changed at your discretion.

4. Positive Client Relationships

The best way to get clients back in your salon is by providing them with a service they won’t soon forget. Service doesn’t begin and end with what happens in the salon chair, though. By following up with them, retaining their information for reference and making it easy to book online, you’ve made the entire experience surrounding your salon more convenient, thoughtful and positive.

5. Feedback

online reviewsYou put your heart and soul into your salon, but there are always some experiences that slip through the cracks.  Whether you had a client arrive late and it pushed back the start time for a client later in the day or the air conditioning system in the salon broke down temporarily, there was something that occurred that took away from the client’s experience.

When you receive feedback, be it negative or positive, take it in stride and use it as a learning experience. Respond to customers with complaints in a sincere, thoughtful way that leaves them feeling like their voice matters. If you’re able to improve upon mistakes and connect to clients in a personal way — you’re one step closer to gaining a repeat client.


Retain clients with style by using SalonTarget software. The program was made by salon professionals for salon professionals, so you’re not only getting the latest in salon booking technology, but you’re getting a program designed by people who know the industry inside and out. Client retention can be difficult to navigate, but with award-winning software and your salon expertise, you’ll turn every customer into a repeat visitor.