The Basics of Using High Quality Images for Social Media Marketing for Salons & Spas

Attracting and retaining clients can be a tricky business. Not only do you have to provide quality customer service and innovative salon offerings, but your brand has to stand out online. Whether or not you’re familiar with social media marketing, one thing’s for certain – your brand will be left behind unless you use high quality images throughout your social media channels.

high quality images for social media marketing

You’ve put a lot of work into running your salon, and you want your marketing efforts to reflect the high level of service clients can expect from you; nothing’s worse than using a grainy, pixelated image to try to sell the amazing services at your salon. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to online marketing and need the basics in image selection and posting covered, or an experienced marketer looking for some expert tips, we have all the information you need to make the most of your social media marketing efforts.


Let’s start by discussing equipment. You should feel free to use an advanced camera if you already own one and know how to use it, but it’s more likely that you’ll be using a point and shoot digital camera or your smart phone. As a salon owner, you want to capture amazing hairstyles, nail designs, or other services that are being created in your salon, and share these pictures far and wide on social media. Know how to work your phone, or chosen camera, and have access to the editing apps and programs that allow you to better them. VSCO and Snapseed are just a few photo editing apps for smart phones that can take your pictures from basic to beautiful. Additionally, you want to make sure what you’re sharing aligns with your chosen channel – people on Instagram are looking for a different type of visual content than those on Snapchat. It’s crucial that you not only create beautiful images, but know the correct place to post them, too.


It’s essential to properly light a photo. Know the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting, and how to highlight the best components of your pictures. You always want images to be bright, never strangely shadowed or so dark they’re hard to decipher what’s in them. The proper combination of focus and good lighting will naturally draw the viewer’s eye to what you’re trying to showcase. Keep these tips in mind as you work on an angle as well.


If you’re not necessarily a wiz with editing programs, you can always use filters that are located within social media apps. Filters can enhance your images if applied correctly and make your pictures stand out. However, the over usage of filters can be unappealing to followers. Find the fine line between adding an extra dose of personality to your pics and what makes your account look unprofessional. Many salons on social media choose to stick with a certain look – whether it’s using light filters and retouching or leaving images au natural—and stick with it. instagram filtersThis will make your account seem more cohesive, and solidify your brand identity. Once again, filter usage varies across channels. A filter might not be appropriate on your Instagram page to achieve the laidback look you’re going for, but a fun filter applied to a Snapchat video of a stylist could be helpful in engaging with followers.


Hashtags are an extremely helpful social media marketing tool when used correctly. The symbol serves as an index for a certain term. For example, if you type “#hairinspo” under an image of luscious locks, then your image will come up whenever someone clicks or searches for “#hairinspo.” This not only helps people on social media discover your content, but it encourages current followers to interact with your brand as well.

Client Attraction

When you’re acting as the voice of your salon online, you want to deliver relevant content in an authentic way. By posting beautiful images that accurately capture the essence of your business and services, you’re bound to attract clients. This attraction process can occur in several ways: prospective customers will find your images on social media, thanks to the adage of hashtags and explore features that bring your content to the forefront of strangers’ accounts, as well as by geo-tagging the location of your salon, so your content can be indexed by location as well.

Brand Recognition

Lastly, it’s important to select high quality images, because your salon’s social media presence is part of your overall brand identity. You want each piece of your marketing strategy to come together nicely – and this includes what images you select to represent your company. This type of brand recognition work goes beyond your salon’s name or logo alone, and ties together each element of your marketing strategy. Your images should be coherent across social media channels, and also on your website, within emails, and wherever else you’re using images to speak to or attract clients.

When looking to make an impact on social media, it’s best to use high quality images. Be thoughtful when creating content and deciding what channel to post it on, and maintain an authentic voice that appeals to your target demographic. Repurpose your images with the help of SalonTarget, and incorporate them when you send out email campaigns, promotions, and more. With the right content and an efficient way to reach your target audience, you’ll be getting the word out about your brand and bringing new clients in the door in no time.