Thanksgiving Spirit Refer a Friend

Thanksgiving is a time for feeling grateful. The autumnal holiday is also a busy time for your salon, which you definitely feel thankful for. During the holiday season, tons of clients and potential clients are looking to feel their best for seasonal parties and family gatherings. The best way to reach those potential clients is through referrals. Using SalonTarget’s referral system, you can increase the number of customers coming into your salon. Show your thanks to current clients who successfully bring new patrons to your business by offering these incentives.



Create targeted email campaigns to reach current customers. Discuss the upcoming holiday season, and ask if they know anyone who’s also looking for salon services. Let it be known in the email that those who successfully refer a friend will receive a discount on their next service. This could be a 15% discount across the board, a discount on only a certain type of service or whatever you deem most likely to bring people in. You can also include a discount offer to new clients who were recently referred, such as $10 off their first service at the salon. That way, everyone feels like they’re getting a great deal, and they’ll receive excellent salon services to boot.


Another way to thank customers for referring friends is by giving them complimentary gift cards or products during their next visit. After they successfully refer someone, send them a voucher that can be redeemed for a gift card or retail item – think things like shampoo and conditioner, volumizing hair spray or a bright nail polish and a top coat. You can even give away items that are holiday-themed, but most importantly, you want to clearly state the time frame during which they can pick up their gift so as to avoid any future complications.

Buddy Services

You can also offer discounts on two-person services, so the original customer and newly referred one can come in together if they choose. Once a client refers someone, you can offer discounted massages, side-by-side pedicures or free mimosas when they both come in for a blowout together. Think of fun ways to show your gratitude for their business, and create an offer you can advertise via email with SalonTarget.


It can be difficult finding new customers for your business. The best resources you have is your current client base. Don’t be shy about advertising referral deals in hopes of bringing new patrons in the door, but when you succeed, be sure to show thanks to the clients who referred them. Ready to start revolutionizing your salon? Sign up for SalonTarget’s seven-day free trial today.