Online Booking with Credit Card Pre-Authorization

These days, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t spend tons of time on their smart phones or computer. That’s why online booking for your salon is so convenient and necessary, customers can book at any time, from any where. Not only does this take some work off your receptionist’s plate, but it allows your customers to feel that they are an in total control of their schedule, too.

simplify online booking with credit card pre authorization

Not only does the client portal allow for customers to schedule and manage appointments when needed, but the entire system is extremely easy to use as well. Customers can login to access their account and calendar, and upload photos from previous visits. With the images safely stowed inside the app, they can access them to show their preferred stylist when they return, so they ensure they get a similar service.

How To Ensure Your Client Won’t No Show

There is one problem that can arise from online booking though – what if your customers forget they have made an appointment or made it at the incorrect time? SalonTarget offers several appointment reminder features, but if these don’t help to remedy the incorrect appointment, what are you supposed to do as the salon owner? You don’t want to be stuck dealing with lots of no shows.

If you’re worried about no shows, worry no more. SalonTarget now offers online booking with credit card pre-authorization services. As a SalonTarget user, you can login to your dashboard and select what services require saved credit card information before booking.

Then, when clients book online independently, they’ll be prompted to enter their payment information before being able to book a service. If the client doesn’t show up for their scheduled appointment, you can then charge them a percentage or the entirety of their appointment cost. However, it’s best to have either a window pop up or a statement in bold text that lets clients know that they will be charged if they miss their appointment.

Speed Up Your Payment Process

This not only cuts down on the number of no shows at the salon, but also enables you and your team to be paid if one does occur. In addition to allowing clients to book with ease, and reducing the number of no shows, it makes the payment process faster over all.

By saving a client’s credit card information, when they do visit the salon, your receptionist on duty can easily ask if they’d like to use their saved card information and run their payment effortlessly. This cuts down on time spent in the salon for your client, and frees up your team to handle more customers quickly.

Simplify the online booking process and make sure you and your stylists get paid by enacting SalonTarget’s online booking with credit card pre-authorization feature. If you’re already using the salon management software, it’s simple to start using this feature. Curious about whether SalonTarget is right for you? Get started with the program’s free trial today, and stow the information you need to make your salon a success. Should you decide to purchase SalonTarget for your business, all the details you entered will be securely stored for when you need them next.