Leveraging Google My Business for Your Salon

Managing or owning a salon is no easy feat. There are lots of logistics, personalities and transactions to take into account to ensure things run smoothly. You’re already taking advantage of the many benefits available through SalonTarget, but are you utilizing Google My Business?

using google my business for your salon

The easy to use tool from Google helps bolster your online presence and helps customers find you more easily. Read on to find out how mastering the program can benefit your salon.


General Information

Before you embark on your Google My Business adventure, there are a few things to know about using the tool correctly. First of all, the program is free to use, which means there’s no reason to not take advantage of it. To receive the most benefits from Google My Business, you need to register your salon at google.com/business. Once you’ve created an account, you can then enter information about your salon that will enable customers to better find and connect with your brand.



google my businessLeverage the power of SEO and the fact that you can place your information online by using Google My Business. After entering information about your company via your Google business account, your information will come up if a customer is searching for your salon specifically or salons in your area. Some things you want to include are your salon’s phone number, address, hours, services offered and a link to your salon’s website. This not only makes it easier for customers to access your information in a pinch, but allows new customers to find your brand who may not be familiar with it.



By entering your salon’s address and contact information, customers can find it without necessarily knowing the name of your salon. For instance, if you’re a nail salon in Brooklyn, a customer could search “best pedicures Brooklyn.” Because you have the words “pedicure” on your site and in your “About” information on Google My Business, and your address is in Brooklyn, you are more likely to come up in a search based on geographical proximity. Therefore, if your salon is listed on Google Maps through your business account, it’s more likely people will see your information in a Maps-based search.



Whether or not you register your salon with Google My Business, people are able to review your company with Google reviews. However, if you do create a business account, you can respond to reviews left about your salon. This allows you to directly interact with customers, to both thank them for positive reviews and offer an explanation to negative ones.


Are you looking to bolster your salon’s marketing efforts and bring in new clients? Sign up for a free Google My Business account and improve your online presence today. By registering for a Google My Business account and utilizing the many features of SalonTarget, you’ll be satisfying your current customers and bringing in new ones before you know it.