How to Win Back Lost Customers

There’s an art to attracting clients. You not only have to make sure you offer stellar services and hire the best stylists around, but you need to be willing to promote your salon’s offerings, too. Offering specials, advertising your brand and opting into convenient services such as online booking are all part of your game plan. But there are times when customers slip through the cracks, and things might happen that prevent them from becoming return customers.

win back lost salon clients

Perhaps your stylist was late to arrive, or the discount the client was expecting is no longer available at your salon. Maybe the client didn’t have an issue with your salon, but they found a salon closer to their house and have been going there instead. Whatever the reason for their absence, the fact of the matter is that you’ve lost a client. However, you can take action so as to not let this loss become permanent.

SalonTarget offers a variety of sophisticated features that enable you to woo back lost clients. By enlisting the help of SalonTarget’s unique automated reminders, client loyalty programs, and lost client resurrection services.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated reminders provide a gentle nudge to the client who may or may not be considering returning. You have the power to program the reminders to be sent out at your discretion, whether you send a follow-up email a week after their appointment to thank them, or a text three months after their visit to see if they’re ready to return for another service. Set the reminders at the intervals that you think will be most effective, and enjoy the increased clients it brings back to your salon.

Client Loyalty

Client loyalty programs entice customers to return to your salon not only for the exceptional services, but for the points they rack up by visiting your place of business. Designate how many points are needed for additional perks, such as free or discounted services and products, and send out email reminders to customers about your loyalty programs. Although you might think you’re losing funds by offering free products or services, you’re actually gaining revenue by encouraging clients to become repeat customers.

Lost Client Resurrection

Lost client resurrection services are one of SalonTarget’s wholly unique features that allow you to regain the interest of your customers. Select a client who you’re interested in communicating with, and use SalonTarget’s dashboard to communicate with them at designated intervals. The automatic setting contacts them after four weeks, and then twelve weeks, asking them to book another appointment. You can also include incentives in the lost client resurrection email, such as a discount or special service offering, that will further encourage them to return to your salon.

Performance Reports

What’s more, you can utilize the sales reports and performance graphs created by SalonTarget to view trends in visits to your salons. Are customers dropping off because of the season, or did you hire a new stylist during a certain month that brought in lots more business? These factors can affect the overall success of your brand and client retention, so it’s crucial to stay on top of how your salon is performing.

Ready to use SalonTarget to the fullest? Get started today by accessing your dashboard. If you haven’t yet signed up for the salon online management system, begin your free trial today, and see what SalonTarget can do for you.