How Customized Email Marketing By Client Interest Can Be A Complete Game Changer

By using SalonTarget’s unique salon management software, you can not only manage the daily happenings of your business more efficiently, but you can market your brand in a way that’s convenient and effective. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a novice to using email campaigns, SalonTarget’s easy to use software can help you spread the word about your salon. Read on to learn about four custom ways you can reach out to select customers through SalonTarget’s email marketing features.

automated email marketing

When a customer signs up to receive your email communications, prompt them to enter in basic contact information, including their birthday. Then when their birthday rolls around each year, you can send out a customizable birthday incentive to entice them to return to the salon. This could come in the form of a discount, free product or service or even a small gift like a pair of flip-flops to go along with a discounted pedicure. By offering birthday incentives, you’re letting the client know you value their business and are thinking of them on their special day.

Another great way to make the most of email marketing campaigns is by sending out referrals to current clients. Offer to provide current clients with loyalty points or discounts if they successfully have a friend sign up through their referral code. You can also offer the new client a discount or promotional offer if they sign up using the referral. With SalonTarget, you can track successful referrals through your email campaign as they come in.

Increase Click-through-Rate with Tailored Email Campaigns

SalonTarget’s automated email campaigns also allow you to tag clients depending on their needs. For instance, if your client regularly comes in for highlights, indicate this with a tag on their profile that they may be interested in future “hair color” promotions. Then, when you’re sending out an email, you can use the previously applied tags to group the clients who would be most interested in this campaign.

What’s more, when clients build an online profile, they are prompted to select tags that they would be most interested in themselves. Clients can select what services and products they’re interested in, as well as updating information about their hair type and texture. Having this information on hand is extremely useful when drafting mass emails to send out.

By tailoring your emails to be sent to the clients who would be most interested in them, you’re setting yourself up for a higher open and click-through rate. Email marketing can be a powerful tool for your business when used correctly, and SalonTarget sets you up to succeed. Begin looking at the customizable email marketing tools available through the software system today, or start your free seven-day trial and discover what a world of difference the technology can do for you.