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Meet your social media personal assistant! SalonTarget client review platform integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Yelp to allow you to choose which positive reviews you share across social media platforms for all to see! If that wasn't enough our system also keeps track of who has opened your texts, emails, sent you client referrals, manages your active client surveys and much more!

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Email Marketing Campaigns

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Text and Email Confirmations

Command Center Check-in/out

Get a quick glimpse of the schedule for the day... Learn More

Intuitive Appointment Booking

Booking has never been so simple! All the... Learn More

Express CashOut

Quickly view client service and retail... Learn More

Client Portfolio

The Client Dashboard is designed to provide... Learn More

E-Z Time Clock

Easily have stylists clock-in at beginning....Learn More

Reloadable Gift Cards

Our all-in-one re-loadable salon service...Learn More

Automatic Multi-Cash Drawer Balancer

Our multiple register cash drawer balancer...Learn More

Rapid Sales Totals

Quickly view sales by client, date, summary or... Learn More

EZ Fix Transaction Tracker

Simple and intuitive, transactions are easily...Learn More

Insightful Performance Reports

Whether it is a quick glance at today's stats...Learn More

Customizable Payroll

Under the security of your personal access code...Learn More

Client Reviews Manager

Client reviews are sent directly to your...Learn More

Automatic Email/Text Marketing

Ever wish you had an amazing client follow-up...Learn More

Direct Management Dashboard

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Simple Ordering of Retail/Backbar products

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Staff Messaging and Broadcasting

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Salon Marketing Software

By now, you’ve mastered the art of running a salon. You know when to reorder supplies and how to find the stylists and technicians that are right for your business. However, you recognize that your marketing strategy could use some support.

SalonTarget is a software program that enables you to run your salon more efficiently and effectively. Not only does it enable you to better handle the basics of business, such as scheduling and building client profiles, but it provides access to powerful marketing technology that will help to grow your business and increase your salon’s revenue.

There are lots of salon marketing software options out there, but SalonTarget is preferred by most business owners. The award-winning program was developed by salon owners and managers, and as such, uniquely addresses problems faced by those in the industry.

Some of the best features are the salon marketing tools. These four marketing-focused features will truly help you to gain visibility, stay organized and become more appealing to clients both new and returning:

Social Media Integration

Market yourself to new and returning clients by easily integrating with various social media channels. SalonTarget’s client review platform effortlessly associates itself with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and Google+. Select which reviews you’d like to share across social media for customers to see.

Email Marketing

Whether you’re an advanced marketer or just beginning to dip your toes in the salon marketing waters, you will benefit from having an automated marketing email campaign. Manage recipient lists, create custom or select pre-existing content and send on a schedule of your choosing. With SalonTarget, you can also send automated texts and emails to clients as a reminder of appointments and promotions. Lastly, SalonTarget software allows you to track who has opened your texts, emails or sent client referrals, which is a powerful tool in helping to refine your marketing strategy.

First-Time Client Magnetizer

This online marketing tool is especially powerful in recruiting new customers. This highly useful function of the software allows you to continually market your salon’s website to online visitors by displaying online ads for your salon on their favorite sites. By increasing mentions of your brand and bolstering your online presence, you stand a higher chance of bringing in new clients.

Client Loyalty Program

Not only do you want to market your services to new clients, but you want visitors to return who have been there before. SalonTarget’s client loyalty program makes it simple to reward repeat clients for coming to your business. The loyalty interface allows for customizable reward values to be established, so when clients spend a certain amount in the salon, they receive loyalty points that can be used toward a future purchase or service.

There are are variety of ways in which you can market your salon, and SalonTarget brings them all together in one convenient place. Develop your marketing strategy with the software that’s favored by salon owners and managers. Get started today by using SalonTarget’s free seven-day trial. During this time, you can enter your information, test the program’s marketing features and confirm that this product will be beneficial to your brand.

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